Bible Land Tourist Bureau is a pilgrimage, tourism and educational establishment founded in Jerusalem in 1956 by a prominent indigenous Christian family that has lived in the Holy Land for hundreds of years.
Bible Land Tourist Bureau is associated with a number of religious and academic institutions and has been providing individuals and groups with a unique perspective of the Christian and multi-cultural history and archaeology of the Holy Land and the region.
In coordination with church pastors and priests and in conjunction with leading academic scholars in the relevant fields of education, Bible Land Tourist Bureau is constantly engaged in planning programs and itineraries, and in arranging and facilitating pilgrimages and study tours, special and focused programs.
Bible Land Tourist Bureau continues to offer its personalized services combined with competitive prices, making it a viable preposition to all churches and academic institutions to plan for their parissionars, students and groups to travel abroad for the purpose of seeking knowledge and better understanding of the Bible while offering them the highest standards of comfort within their applicable budgets.