LEADERSHIP BUILDING  is essential in the formation of Christian college and university students who aspire to take on their future responsibilities in life, society and career.
There can be nothing more impressive to influence the life of students other than taking Jesus as a ‘Role Model’, especially if an experience as such is granted in the Land where it all began.
The twelve days suggested program demonstrates the various elements and styles of Leadership which Jesus mastered during His life and ministry. As students walk in His foot steps, they will reflect on the relevant events that took place and how He dealt with the various challenges and circumstances. Participants will engage in dialogue and exchange and in a variety of outdoor activities as the follow His footsteps.  
Churches and Academic institutions are invited to benefit from our experience and coordinate with us a program that will give their students and youth a close encounter with “Jesus the Leader” for a more in-depth understanding of the Bible and their Christian leadership role.

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